A Testament To Freedom – Laxmi’s story

With an unsupportive husband and deep in poverty, Laxmi needed a break-through. When she came to us, we encouraged her to be a part of our local self-help group (SHG) in Borivali but she did not have the initial amount needed to join the group.

A determined heart will always accomplish what is necessary, and that is exactly what Laxmi did. We helped her start a small-scale business of making belt buckles at home, with which she earns INR 5000 every month. Since then, Laxmi has proactively taken part in all our sessions and activities. She has been a regular attendee of the health awareness and life skill sessions, learning about balanced diets, safe food handling, methods of cooking etc. She also helped to organise mass awareness rallies every year.

Laxmi not only changed her family’s circumstance, but she played a vital role in transforming the community. Laxmi took up the initiative along with a human rights group to approach the Municipal Corporation office to improve the drinking water facility in her neighbourhood. She has become a local hero for taking up the cause. Laxmi’s son has now taken after her, by helping the children in his locality with their studies.

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