Nengneiching breaks the barriers to learn football

Nengneiching, 12, was not allowed to play football because she was a girl. Her parents did not think it was necessary for a girl to play sports. When we introduced Football for Life coaching in Teiseng village in Churachandpur, Manipur. Nengneiching longed to be a part of the training but was not allowed.
Our staff in Manipur conducted an orientation for parents on the importance of training girls in football and how it would help them. They encouraged Nengneiching’s parents to let their daughter be a part of the football team. Today, her parents are proud of Nengneiching as she is becoming a very promising player. In the recent witness group matches and friendly matches, she has played better than many girls and boys. Her determination and resilience have brought her this far. Inspired by her growth in football, Nengneiching’s parents send her to the training every day without fail.
Small wins like this create big change, and we are excited for the many other girls at our Oasis programmes who are creating change in their own capacities.
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