Empowering Women From RLA

Asmitha*, a 19-year-old from Kolkatta, ran away from home and came to Mumbai. She lived in a hospital where she met Rohit who promised to marry her. With hopes of a better life she trusted him but soon enough she found that he was already married. She ran away again after which she faced big challenges in her life.

Asmitha was looking for a place to stay when a woman promised to give her shelter. She took Asmitha to the red-light area and forced her to take up customers. Many women who are sold into trafficking face sexual and physical violence from the pimps, husband or customers. The trauma is still present in Asmitha and she refuses to talk about it to anyone. Our staff met with her during outreach, following which she moved to Nirmal Bhavan, our rehabilitation home for women who leave the red-light area. Asmitha successfully completed the tailoring course at Oasis. She is now working, independent and strong.

Empowering sex workers with the knowledge of their rights and creating an awareness to seek help encourages them to stay alert and safe.
*name changed

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