Meet Selma

Meet Selma

Selma was 11 when she was trafficked into one of the brothels in Mumbai. After years of being told she was worthless and only capable of working in the sex industry, she came to our shelter and aftercare home and experienced healing. Selma now understands that she is made in the image of God, and can begin to dream about a future free from abuse. Through our training program, she found a job making jewelry where she can provide for herself.

You can fund freedom!

Invest to empower trafficked women to find their own path to freedom. Because of our giving partners, Oasis has been making India better for women and children for 25 years.

And we are just getting started!

Fund freedom today for women and children by giving $25/month which will help in one of the following

Pay our social workers who build relationships with women in the brothels.

Run a community center in the brothel areas, creating a safe place for women to meet, learn new job skills and access counseling services.

Pay for girls from the brothels to experience a 3-day retreat outside the city, which often leads to a decision to begin a new life.

All donations in the US are tax deductible through Oasis USA, a 501c3 organization.
If you would like to send donations in via mail please send to:
Oasis USA
Attn: Oasis India .
222 East Glenarm St,
Suite B2,
CA 91106

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