Help us heal their wounds of hunger and thirst, and bring hope to those who have lost everything...

The rising communal riots in Manipur, Northeast has resulted in the torching of more than 1700 houses, over 70 villages, ransacking and torching of many temples and churches in Imphal valley and the adjourning villages, with more than 73 persons reported dead and many more injured. The death toll only seems to be rising with time and the unrest has led to the Government issuing Article 355, imposition of curfew in the entire state, suspension of internet. 

The people are facing severe food supply shortages, hospital supplies, and services shortages, the affected community people are fleeing to nearby cities like Guwahati, Delhi, Kolkata, and other places for refuge. This also makes them highly vulnerable to human trafficking.

Our staff in Manipur are marked safe and our community hub has been closed since the riots

We are putting together a quick emergency response to aid those affected and in dire need.

We are putting together a quick emergency response to aid those affected and in dire need.

Immediate Needs of the People: 

  1. Dry ration
  2. Cooked food
  3. Utensils for cooking
  4. Clothing for all age
  5. Bedding
  6. Hygiene kit
  7. Temporary shelter
  8. Medicines

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Humanitarian Crisis Relief Work in Manipur

Due to the communal violence in Manipur, Northeast India, several families have been displaced, with their properties stolen or houses burned down. Families have been finding refuge in the relief camps set up across the state.
Our team has worked through the difficulties of navigating to several relief camps and has successfully distributed relief materials to more than 175 households in nine relief camps across Manipur.